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Business creation

It is time to consolidate your ideas. At Interactuar we offer you support in the creation of your company and its forecasting timeframe.

With the programs that shape the Business creation service we guide you through advice and support to build, plan and develop your business idea.

Imagen creación de empresas Imagen creación de empresas


  • Generate your income

This program aims to provide advice and general guidance in the implementation of a business idea from a basic small businesses specialized methodology defined by Interactuar. Upon completion of this program we provide you a roadmap based on how you can begin to implement your business idea.

  • Create your company

The purpose of this program is to provide assistance for the study of technical, financial and commercial feasibility that shape the Pre-feasibility plan of your idea.

  • Authorization and / or starting off

We offer you support and prior information analysis of your idea and we determine if it requires commercial, financial and legal support to start.

  • Individual counseling hours for entrepreneurs

Provides general guidance and advice on a specific need you have previously identified together with the consulting team. It is assumed in this case that the entrepreneur has previously analyzed the pre-feasibility of his idea.

Being an entrepreneur guided by Interactuar brings you great benefits

  • You receive the necessary business tools to initiate an economic activity.

  • It allows you to know the viability of the business idea.

  • You have the opportunity to apply for a credit to start your business.


Interactuar is support, is making dreams come true. Without Interactuar, I would have given up the support, human quality, training.

Gloria Restrepo Hoyos

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